Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Safe Hex With a Vampire- Cassandra Lawson


Once I got into this story and really understood what was happening I enjoyed it. I can say this is not a series I was familiar with until this book and now I'm intrigued it was a fabulous read that was a fantastic escape from the real world. Lets face it sometimes we just need to explore fantasy a little bit. I would highly recommend reading the first book Vampires and Vixens before reading this one. I did not and was still able to catch up but the back story does have holes in it if you don't read book one.

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After a year of hunting, Tempest believes she has finally captured the serial rapist who has plagued the San Francisco area. Her sense of triumph is short-lived when she realizes that she has the wrong man. Before she can decide what to do with the unconscious man in her possession, she discovers that they share a secret; neither of them is human. Could he help explain the origins of her family’s unusual talents? When Aiden regains consciousness he is none too happy to find himself locked in a cage. He is, however, fascinated with his captor who bears a striking resemblance to a mystery woman from his uncle’s past. He soon finds that she arouses more than his curiosity. Could she be the one to end his loneliness? Or will her past prevent her from opening her heart to him?