Tuesday, June 3, 2014

REVIEW: I Call Him Brady by K.S Thomas

Born the only son to one of Hollywood's most prominent power couples, Jack Cole's life is damn near perfect. With women lining up to be with him, movie parts most seasoned actors would die for and the freedom to live above the rules, Jack's life is going completely according to plan.

Until Embers...

Embers doesn't have time to waste on any more dirt-bags. Too busy trying to take care of herself and her daughter to take any more chances on romance, she's limiting her love life to daydreaming about one hot and sexy, Jack Cole.

Except her surefire way to keep her heart safe goes completely awry when her dream guy and her reality suddenly collide.

A master of recreating the human emotions he's never allowed himself to feel, Jack must now deal with the consequences of offering his heart to someone who may be too scared to keep it.


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by Amy

Oh my goodness what a story. 

I was going to save reading and reviewing this book till I was on my flight. However I read the synopsis and I just couldn't resist that was 4hrs ago. 

Brilliant Story Brady aka Jack Cole the hot movie star is making his way to the airport after surprising his girlfriend for the weekend. Or should I say what he hoped to be for the weekend. 

As he makes a break for it into an elevator to escape people recognising him he doesn't realise there is a mother and daughter already hiding away in there. 

Jack continues his conversation on his mobile and doesn't take notice to anyone else. As others get on the elevator Jack messes around on his phone trying to not let anyone realise who he is. Unfortunately just as someone is about to say "omg your Jack Cole" he hears a women shout "Brady". 

Embers is minding her own business heading towards the arrival lounge to wait for her twin sister May. Embers and her daughter Jessa are travelling up the elevator when Jack makes his entrance, Embers is star struck by him and tries to sink into the corner to not have any contact, once she gets out she turns and notices Jacks uncomfortableness and shouts "Brady" gaining his attention to the disappointment of the others who thought he was super star Jack Cole. 

From here on out you read about there story how there totally relaxed with one and another Jack follows Embers around meeting her sister and "renting" their holiday home. 

You can see Embers fighting her feelings for Brady as she carries on calling him. Her ex Austin getting in the way and causing a lot of drama. 

You go through a variety of emotions throughout this book as they fight attraction, fall in love, hurt and longing. 

All Embers wants is someone to truly love her and show her in away that she feels isn't because they have done something wrong or have anything to hide. 

Would Brady be able to succeed with this?

Or will Embers truly be broken once and for all?

Oh and as for Jessa the little 5yr old is a firecracker. She does not miss a beat with her surroundings, the story between her and Brady is emotional and the author really grabbed at the fact a child's love is unconditional. 

Congrats on a beautiful story, I can not express enough to you all to give this book a read. I loved it and found it amazing. The emotion and passion written to express each character was superb. 5***** all the way. 

Was given this copy for a true honest review as part of Just One More Romance Book Blog