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Cover Reveal ~ Keeping King by Anne Jolin ~ JMAC








Author: Anne Jolin
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Rock Falls #4 

***Can be read as a standalone or as part of the Rock Falls series.***

Peyton Callaghan is a fighter, a survivor, a warrior. When it was kill or be killed, she didn’t hesitate. Now, she’s the only one left standing, haunted by the ghost of a dead man and plagued with the guilt of having taken another person’s life. The upheaval of her life to start over in Rock Falls has been rocky at best, her worst nightmares and wildest desires colliding with each other. Terror tortures her nightly, breeding fear inside her dreams, and in every waking moment, she fights against the lust that threatens to drown her. 

Jayden King harbors secrets beneath his outward playboy demeanor. The women who warm his bed lay claim to nothing—you can’t lay claim to someone who doesn’t have a heart. His wit and charm are exquisite means of deflection and distraction from the turmoil roaring inside him. He’s hidden in plain sight, a mask of humor keeping the sadness at bay. The only real reflections of his soul are in the artwork he creates, pieces of him muraled on the skin of others. If tattoo artists could have a calling card, the etch of pain and suffering in each design would be his. Because when the lights go out and the women he’s satisfied have gone home, he’s alone with every fear he refuses to face.

After suffering from a brutal attack at the hands of her roommate’s stalker, Peyton is forced to live with the object of her affection. Without intention, she breathes love into his starved heart, and although the mere thought of that terrifies him, Jayden would burn the city down to keep her safe, causalities be damned. 

Some people you have. Some people you hold. 

She can have him. She can hold him. But can she keep King? Or is it impossible for Callaghan to keep something that was never really hers to begin with?

MG Book Covers

Micah Truitt

Scott Hoover

March 4th

~ The Rock Falls Series ~

Author: Anne Jolin
Genre:  Romance | Erotica
Series: Rock Falls Series #1
Hannah Rhodes has just gotten out of a long term relationship, and she isn't looking for a new man in her life. But after a night out with the girls and one too many tequila shots, her plans to stay man free are blown all to hell. She finds herself in bed with the smoldering stranger from a party six months back and immediately knows she's in trouble, big trouble. And the last thing Hannah needs is more trouble.

Her last relationship took her out like an emotional freight train, and she’s trying to piece back the stability her life once had.

Greyson Holt’s biggest fear in life is to end up like his father, like the man who left him as a child, and broke his mother’s heart. He vowed to never be responsible for that kind of carnage. Men could be cruel and that kind of brutality was in his blood. He never allows himself to get too close to anyone, until he meets Hannah.

Something about her makes him want to try, but a man can’t change overnight.

Will Holt be able to catch Rhodes every time he lets her go? Or will their chase end in heartbreak?


Author: Anne Jolin
Series: Book Two in the Rock Falls Series
Genre: Romance | Erotica 
Lennon Montgomery is scared. Absolutely scared shitless of love.

When the floor fell out from underneath her perfect childhood, it shattered her ability to trust. The one man in her life who was genetically programmed to love her left her. Since then, she’s allowed men into her bed and even into her life, but never into her heart. 

Until him. 

Jamison Henley has never wanted a woman for longer than it takes him to make a guitar. He’s content living his life and loving only three things: making guitars, cooking great food, and Martha, his black pit bull. He never chases women, and he’s never had to. 

Until her.

One night together changes everything. There’s no going back to the way it was before. 

She doesn’t want to want him, but she does. 

He knows he wants her, but he can’t have her. 

Will Montgomery take the leap of faith in choosing Henley? Or will her fear cripple their chance at a happily ever after?


Author: Anne Jolin 
Genre: Romance/Erotica
Series: Rock Falls Series, Book 3 
Beth Rhodes has always had a game plan. Go to college. Get the perfect job. Get the perfect guy. Get the happily ever after she's always wanted. It is just her luck that everything falls into its precise place in her life. At least it seems that way until her blueprints go up in smoke. She loses the job she loves and her price charming is turning out to be the villain of her fairytale instead. With failures and mistakes piling up on her doorstep, she knows something has to give—or she could very well end up paying for those mistakes with her life.

Braxton Bennett is lethal, both in the courtroom and in the ring. Two sides of him constantly wage war against one another, and to keep the internal bloodshed at bay, he allows himself to indulge in his violent vice. Suit by day and brawler by night aren’t easy dual lives to manage for a man of his status. The only way to do so is by following a strict set of rules—rules he won’t break for anyone. But what if he already has?

On a summer night in the depths of the city, a chance encounter will turn both of their perfectly constructed worlds upside down.

Will they battle together against all odds to break Bennett’s rules? Or will Rhodes tap out to save herself before the fight is over?


Anne Jolin
I’m twenty four years old. I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns and riding in trucks. I’ve been married to my handsome redneck husband for a year and we are parents to our chocolate fur baby, Bear. No kiddo’s yet! I am completely and utterly obsessed with country music, you will constantly find me stalking iTunes. If you don’t find me on iTunes, you’ll find me on Netflix because I am a self proclaimed movie junkie. Yes, that means that I quote them constantly in daily conversation and my characters do too! You couldn’t keep me away from a good action movie if you tried. I’m also a planning nut. I love to plan parties, events, trips – you name it! I don’t know if that’s considered a real hobby, but it is for me. 

We were fortunate enough to travel a lot as a family growing up, and I think that helped spark my love of reading. I’m half Viking, my mom is Danish, and her entire side of the family still lives in Denmark. We’d visit them almost once a year, every year and it’s a nine hour flight. That’s a lot of uninterrupted time to read (or in my parent’s case, entertain four children – Yikes!). Somewhere along the way my love of reading, became a love of writing. I wrote short stories when I was younger, and although I majored in Business Management at college, I took as many English electives I could get my hands on. 

During the day I work at my family construction company wearing a variety of different hats and at night, I write! I had never thought about writing books before, but after a few suggestions that I should try, I decided to give it a go. I loved it instantly! Having always been a creative person, it felt amazing to harness all that energy and use it to tell a story. Now, quite frankly it’s all I can think about, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful to have developed my love of reading into a passion for writing. You’ll be seeing many more books from me in the future!


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Review ~ Fighting Fate by Barbara Speak ~ JMAC

What Marissa Johnson never expected when she came to Illinois to tour her brother's Alma mater was meet the man who would haunt her dreams.
Once introduced, she knew she would do anything to stay close to him and hope for a chance.

Mike Harrison never expected to fall for his old college friends little sister. Defending his heavy weight title and having any woman he wanted wasn't enough to keep him away any longer.

Two years came and went while neither of them acted on their wants or desires. All of that changes when someone's grief brings the two together into a situation they can't ignore any longer.

But what happens when insecurity, jealousy, and lack of faith come into play? Can these two overcome the obstacles thrown in their path or will it all come crashing down around them?

Words can’t explain how much I loved the Flawlessly Broken Trilogy.  Fighting Fate is the last book to the trilogy, and honestly it might have been the best one!

Mike and Marissa had this weird chemistry in Fearing Regret (Book 2).  It was like they liked each other and hated each other at the same time.  Marissa was head over heels for Mike.  Ever since she saw Mike, he’s all she ever thinks about. 

One day, really out of nowhere, Mike decides he doesn’t want to hide his feelings for Marissa anymore.  Their story is one I won’t soon forget. 

Barbara has a way with words.  I love how I feel im getting a full, well detailed story; no stone is left unturned with Barbara. 

Both Marissa and Mike are new to this.  Marissa hasn’t had many boyfriends, and Mike really just sleeps around.  He doesn’t do the dating thing.  After all, being a huge MMA star, you don’t have to date, you can basically get anyone you want, when you want.

It’s not until Marissa goes through something that no one should ever have to go through, that changes everything. 

Marissa is no longer her happy, free spirited self.  She’s now broken, and empty. She doesn’t want to face what happened. I mean how do you even start to come to terms with it? 

Fighting Fate tore me apart.  Once again, I was in the book with the characters.  From page one, I was hooked.  The emotions that were torn out of me from reading Fighting Fate, is simply indescribable.  I felt EVERYTHING.  I was ecstatic, sad, laughing one second, and bawling my eyes out the next. 

Going into Fighting Fate, I knew it would be hard.  I never wanted to part with these characters.  I found myself reading more slow towards the end, wanting to savor every last word.  Trying to hold on to all the feelings Fighting Fate brought out of me.  Barbara, you did an amazing job with this series.  I loved EVERY book in the trilogy so much, and they will all forever stay with me.  Thank you for taking me on such an amazing, emotional, beautiful roller coaster that is The Flawlessly Broken Trilogy!

Fighting Fate is a beautifully tragic story about love, and overcoming hardships in your life with the person you love.  Learning to not close people out because it’s easier, but trying to keep them close and letting them help you.
It goes without saying, Fighting Fate is a 5 bold star rating for me!! Do yourself a favor and read this trilogy! You won’t be disappointed.
Finding Solace (Flawlessly Broken, Book 1)
 Sadie Warren is a walking contradiction. The confidence she wears on the outside is only to cover the scars that are imbedded on her soul. Coming out of an abusive relationship where she was stripped of her security and confidence, she chooses to bury it under every man she gives her body to.

After one intoxicated night that she will never remember in its entirety, everything begins to change. Being seen more for her positive attributes and less for her faults, Sadie arises from the dark and into a place she feels safe. But with that comes a chain of events that blur the lines of everything she thought she needed and everything she's beginning to want.

Will fear keep her from the one thing she believes she desires most or will fate take a turn unexpectedly and change everything?
It seems Kate Williams has it all; money, great job, a supportive family, and an amazing group of friends. What she lacks is the confidence and ability to make a good decision regarding the men in her life. After the worse break up yet, she runs into the arms of Ryan, her long time best friend and the one that seems to always mend all of her broken hearts. But after years of being "That" guy, he is ready to confess to her what he has felt all along.
A night out with her friends brings a complete stranger into the mix. One encounter on the dance floor is all it took for him to flood her every thought. But Is he really a stranger after all or is he closer to her than she thinks?
Should Kate take the chance and chose her best friend, knowing he will cherish her forever? Or should she take a leap and go with the man that had her heart before she even knew his name?
Someone’s heart will be broken, someone will lose everything they hold dear, and someone will tell the ultimate lie and destroy everything.
Will fearing regret keep Kate away from what she really wants most?
I have a mad passion for books. It could be considered an addiction by some. After the responsibilities of work, being a mother and a wife are  fulfilled each day, I escape in a book. I never really thought of myself as a writer before. My true passion was as a reader. One day an idea came to me and I could not stop after that first thought. I hope you all will enjoy what I can bring you. I have plenty more ideas to go from here.

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Book Blitz ~ Stolen Innocence by S.M. Stryker ~ JMAC

Author: S.M. Stryker
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Erotic
Haunted by her years of abuse, Parker Dane tries to leave her past behind her to start a new life in a new city. She meets Ian Blake; actually she runs into him multiple times, but always runs away before learning his name. Ian can't get Parker out of his mind and he doesn't even know her name.

Ian finally gets his opportunity to meet Parker, and he will do anything in his power to keep her from running away from him again. Parker has years of demons and fears bottled up inside her; she knows that if Ian finds out her secrets, she will lose him forever; no one wants damaged goods. Will Ian make her run away again or will her past catch up to her trying to pull her back?

Will Ian be the man to stand by Parker or will he turn his back on her?




Coming December 27th...

Author: S.M. Stryker
Beckett was smaller than most boys his age, having little to no self-esteem or confidence because of the verbally and physical abuse he faced at the hands of his mother, the one person who should love him unconditionally, because of this he was an easy target for other kids to pick on him. 

But He found his best friend in Harlow. Not only was she beautiful, she was tough too. She was always there for him from the first day in first grade. They spent every minute of their time together as young children that was allowed, he even helped her with her interest in cupcakes. 

As they grew older, that started spending a lot of time at the local park talking about their dreams for the future. That is until Beckett had to move and leave Harlow behind, he was thirteen and devastated. They promised to stay in touch, Harlow gave him a bracelet with a half of a heart medallion that when put together said 'Best Friends Always' but that ended when Beckett's mother took away his belongings including his computer and phone which had all of Harlow's information in it. 

In high school, he was still the little guy, and continued to be the subject of bullying, so he started to take Krav Mega classes to learn to protect himself and regain his self-esteem and confidence. 

After graduating high school he finally grew, he wasn't the same little boy that always seemed to have the kick me sign on his back. Even after Ten years, Beckett never went a day without thinking of Harlow, every decision he ever made, was made with her in mind. 

He began working for Richard in high school in his computer software upstart. After college Richard talked Beckett into hiring a private investigator to look for Harlow, but she was off the grid. Will Beckett find Harlow? And if he does will she forgive him for breaking their promise? Or maybe she is married already, and what demons does she carry? 

This story is about lost loves, best friends and second chances. 

This book is a series. You won't have to read the first one to understand the following. However, it will cross over.


S.M. Stryker 
S.M. Stryker grew up on a small farm in Oregon with her two brothers. 
She married her husband 27 years ago. It was important to her to be able to stay at home to raise their four daughters. 
She wasn't an avid reader, although she always thought her life would make a good book. A few years ago, she picked up FSOG and The Crossfire Series and was drawn to the characters; the storylines moved her more than anything. Her life changed at that point. She could relate to the characters and what they had gone through. She devoured books after that, sometimes reading 8-10 books a week, and finding new authors that she enjoyed reading. She couldn't be without a book, her iPad, or iPhone; anything that she could download her kindle app onto. 
Knowing she had always wanted to write but kept putting it off, she emailed a few of her favorite authors that gave her some very good advice. So she finally went for it.

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Blog Tour ~ Lies Unspoken by Lisa DeJong ~ JMAC


Meet Lila & Blake in this unexpected love story! 


RELEASE DATE: December 14th, 2014
Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love #1)


I tried hard not to fall for the bad guy.
My new roommate, Blake, is a jerk—an unemployed artist with a chip on his shoulder. I can’t stand him unless his hands are on me. He makes me desperate for him, and everything he makes me feel.
And then there’s my new boss, Pierce--successful, charming, and extremely good-looking. He goes after what he wants, but what does he see in me?
I try to stay away, but I end up in the arms of exactly who I was hiding from. And when I find out what’s being hidden from me, my heart twists in ways it never should.
I thought I knew him.
I didn't.
The way he kissed me.
The way his hands traveled every inch of my skin.
I thought it meant something, but as it turns out, it was all lies unspoken.  


Wow… I’m still speechless after reading Lies Unspoken.  Lisa, you have done it again!  You made me fall for these characters, FEEL what they were going through as if it were me going through it, and BAM. The ending of Lies Unspoken gutted me. 
I thought about everything I’d lost and everything I’d never have.  I’d trusted my heart to him, and he left it in a million pieces.  I said goodbye to my happily ever after.”
Lila is heartbroken.  After planning her whole wedding to her fiancé, he leaves her with little explanation.  Instead of staying in the small town they were both raised in, Lila decides she needs a change.  She wants to start over. Lila makes the decision to move to Chicago.  Never in a million years did she think she would break all over again.
“I’d always assumed that time bound two people together.  I was naïve.  I’ve learned that people can fall out of love just as quickly as they fall into it.”
Then there’s Blake.  Goddddddd…. He’s just YUMMY…. All bad boy, sexy, and an asshole, which sometimes even makes him sexier.  Anyways, there’s something Blake is hiding, almost as if he’s experienced heartache too, but he’s so closed off, so no one really knows what his deal is. 
His warm breath tickles my ear, sending a trail of shivers down my back.  I want to scream for him to leave me alone, but my boy is thinking something entirely different.”
While on the flight to start her new life, Lila meets, charming Pierce.  Pierce is the guy who holds the key to Lila’s future in design.  But are Pierce’s intentions good? Or is he offering a possible job because he’s interested in Lila?
Lila wasn’t looking for love in Chicago.  She just wanted to get away from her old life.  She never thought about being with someone else, after all her fiancé was her first, and only.  But Blake made her feel things. It was a huge surprise when she walked into her best friend’s house, which was supposed to be Lila’s for a couple of months, to only find out Blake now lives there too.  Blake is Lila’s best friend’s brother.  There was nothing she could do since she couldn’t exactly afford her own apartment. 
That’s the thing about us – nothing is certain.”
From the moment she saw Blake she was attracted. He was a mystery that she wanted to figure out.  He was frustratingly sexy, which only pissed her off more. 
Let me tell you, Blake and Lila’s story is one you don’t want to miss.  It’s a story of love, loss, heartbreak and learning to move on.  Both Blake and Lila have things they’re hiding from each other.  They were never supposed to fall for each other.  But you can’t control who you love, and sometimes love isn’t enough. 
To understand pain and hurt, you have to have loved first.  Who hurt him so badly that he won’t let himself go through it again?”
Lisa you outdid yourself with this book!  I loved EVERY. SINGLE SECOND. Of this book.  It sucked me in like no other book.  I couldn’t put it down.  I felt every emotion.  From happiness, to flustered, to sadness, to downright broken.  At times I wanted to crawl in the book and make both Blake and Lila see what they have right in front of them.  You portrayed a love story between two people so thoroughly.  I felt the love, and with love, I also felt their pain. 
I love love loved this book.  If you love a good romance that will tug at your heartstrings, read Lies Unspoken.  I give it a bold 5 stars.
You already have me as a forever fan, Lisa.  I can’t wait to read more about Lila’s story!!


“I don’t understand,” I finally say, my voice shaky.

His hands still cupping my face, he walks me back until I’m against the wall. His gaze is powerful, paralyzing me. No one’s ever looked at me like that. Not Derek, not anyone. “I want to fuck you so good that you’ll be begging me to fuck you again. Then tomorrow, I’ll do it all over so you don’t forget how good my cock feels buried inside of you.”

He slides his fingers down around the base of my neck, then down my arms, letting his thumbs brush against my breasts. “The way your body curves into mine, the way you shudder under my touch; I feel it, Lila. You want this. I know I want this.”

If I could orgasm from words alone, I’d be clenching around every single syllable that just fell from his lips. He grips my hips pulling me into him. So big. I’m like an alcoholic that’s been given a sip; there’s no going back.


About the Author:

Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

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COVER REVEAL: From the Shadows by Line F. Nielsen

If you grew up in a alcoholic home..
Dated guys as evil as your drunken dad..
And never heard a kind word from the people who SHOULD love you..
Could you change your path?

My name is Nikki Rosso and I am scarred, I am shy and I am no one but I am about to start a fight against my past in hopes of finding myself but if I will ever win is a question not even I dare to ask.

He had been my rock, my only friend, but would he stand by me even when I had to take a stand against his best mate?

Nathan Mathews had a past, he was talented, he was tattooed and he was every woman's dream but though every woman wanted into his pants none ever stayed around for long. 
I was soon to learn why..

Line is 28 years old and was born and raised in Denmark. She is newly married to the love of her life and now attends college. She plans on taking first a Bachelor in English Literature, and then later, a Masters in either Linguistics or Literature.
Always feeling like she was born in the wrong country Line has, since the age of 15, sought out the English language which she today speaks, writes and reads practically as well as a native English speaker. She loves the language so much that she could study nothing else but that. She also loves to meet new people from all over, with whom she can communicate in English.
Line is also the author of a Poetry and Song collection titled “My Life Is Worth Something Too”. She plans on publishing more within that genre next year, as well as the much anticipated Romance Novel “From the Shadows”.
She is a multi-creative HSP and therefore also introverted, but she makes the best of it through her writing, singing and drawing. Although she can be a bit reserved amongst strangers, Line is a very caring, honest and charismatic person, who believes that you can always rise from your struggles and become stronger. She herself is proof of that, overcoming struggles with being different as she grew up.
“I once saw living in my head as a curse but I would never have gotten to where I am now if I didn’t. So today I see it as a blessing”.
Line is addicted to music (mostly Rock and Metal), she is a book worm and she is the person that can make you laugh yourself to pieces when her kinky, naughty humor is set free. She is a free spirit who believes that you should never stop reaching for your dreams, and that you should value the things that sets you apart from the rest of the world.

Words from friends:
Durga: “You are a sweetheart, someone who is not afraid to speak her mind, a great friend”
Tracie: “A Dane that loves to speak English ☺”
Sam: “You’re a lovely and friendly person who is helping in every way you can be”

… “She might look like an angel but her mind is as dirty as a devil”

Blog Tour ~ The Charlotte Chronicles by Jen Frederick ~ JMAC


Meet Charlotte and Nathan!

ONLY $0.99



Amazon US: 

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Charlotte and Nathan were supposed to be forever. They grew up together. Their families were intertwined. Charlotte was Nathan's first love. Nathan was Charlotte's first everything.
Until they weren't.
How do you hold on to the person you know in your heart you are supposed to be with when everything and everyone in the universe is telling you it's over?
How many times does a heart break?
When is enough…..enough?
How long is forever?

I went into The Charlotte Chronicles not knowing much.  That being said the first paragraph had me in tears.  From that moment I knew this was going to be a book that would destroy me, and lets put it this way, I'm still emotional after reading it.
The Charlotte Chronicles was just a story everyone should experience.  I've realized lately, that the main thing I want from a book is a connection; to FEEL.  For me, it isn't about the steamy romance, or the erotic scenes.  I just want to be able to connect to the story, characters, emotions.  Jen had no issues in making me feel.  I cried (so much), I laughed, I fell in love, my heart broke, my heart was mended.  I felt EVERYTHING. For me, that's all I could ask!
The journey that Charlotte has to endure is rough.  I wouldn't wish it on an enemy.  At times she wants to break, and not continue on, but she's strong.  Stronger than she even thinks. 
I have to say, I loved all the characters from the start.  I knew though, I knew that emotions were going to rip out of me.  It was inevitable.
I realize nothing I say in this review is going to do any justice to the words in it.  I don't want to give anything away, and I feel the littlest description can do just that.  So, what I will say is you have to experience this beautiful, heartbreaking story for yourself.  I promise you wont regret it!




But when I close my eyes, I can see him—and me. I can see me pressed up against the mirror in the bathroom, my hands making starfish prints as I brace myself against his thrusts. I can hear his harsh breathing, his commands to come, come now, Charlotte. There was that passage of time that felt endless when he was between my legs, licking me softly and leisurely as if there wasn’t anything in this world that gave him more pleasure than helping me find my own. I touch myself, but it’s useless. My body wants one thing: Nathan Jackson.

I’m on fire and the ache of want is so acute it’s like a knife in my chest. I’ve had multiple surgeries, chemo treatments, radiation but that’s nothing compared to what I feel now.

Time and distance had dulled my pain and that my desire and love for Nathan had actually started to ease only to be stoked into high, hot flames by his reappearance in my life.

He is the poison and the antidote.



Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog.  She's been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at



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