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BLOG TOUR: NOAH by Jennifer Foor (5 Star Review & GIVEAWAY)

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Being the son of Colton Mitchell isn't what Noah Mitchell wants to be known for. Though he works along side of his father, he feels the strain to go out on his own. Being the next in line to be in control of the family's ranch, he debates on taking his life in a completely different direction.

Leaving town to clear his head he meets Shalan, a beautiful singer that longs for a life in the city.

As sparks fly, his family's dreams for him seemingly go out the window. Will Noah stick around to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, or will love lead him away?

This is Book 1 in the new series, Mitchell- Healy Cousins.
You will still be able to enjoy all of the original characters from the original Mitchell Series.

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I tugged down my jeans, since his back was turned to me. We were both adults and he’d obviously seen a woman before. Being in my underwear was exactly like wearing a bathing suit. I had nothing to feel ashamed of.
Well, that’s how I felt before he turned around and got an eyeful. “I wasn’t kiddin’ about sharin’ a bed.”
I climbed into the cold bed next to his. “You and I both know what will happen if I get into that bed with you.”
He sat up, leaning on his elbow. “What’s that exactly?”
“Oh, you’re funny. Like you don’t know already. Do you really think I’d just throw caution to the wind and sleep with you after one day?”
“You almost did a few hours ago.”
He was right and I hated that he knew it. “I would have stopped you.”
“Darlin’, after one kiss you’d be beggin’ me for more.”
His huge ego annoyed me, but it also made me hot between my legs. I could close my eyes and picture him being between them, satisfying the growing craving I had for him. “Have I mentioned how much I hate cocky men?”
“Maybe you just hate cock. Are you into cleanin’ carpets? Is that how you roll?” He must have thought his comment was funny, because he rolled on his back and cackled at himself. “You like the taste of pussy?”
I pulled a pillow over my face and screamed into it. The bantering between us was making me crazy. I finally removed the pillow, put my hand on the lamp switch, and spoke. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I shut off the light and rolled over promising myself that I wouldn’t listen to anything else he had to say.


Oh Noah how you have grown (wink, wink). I always thought that my Mitchell man would always be the strong and drool worthy Colt, but ladies I must stand corrected in my thoughts. Noah Mitchell is going to knock your socks off well maybe more than your socks. This naughty singing cowboy was completely unexpected and although a lot like his father he is definitely his own man. 

Shalan (love this name) This poor girl while hilarious in her actions was just so broken. She is that kind of friend we all have and bring home to mom to mother. No family to care about her and the only friend she had stabbed her in the back when she decided to sleep with Shalan boyfriend. I totally agreed with Shalan actions of driving his car into the lake and letting it sink to the bottom with her heart. The girl has got balls and this is what makes her a perfect match for Noah. 

Noah had me from page one, WOW!! But we all know author Jenn Foor can sweep us into a book so fast you are wondering where your day went. I started and finished in one day. It was a long night but I just couldn't put this Mitchell to bed for the night, I had to finish him off. And what a finish I got. Strong, determined, independent, ALPHA male are just a few of the glorious things about Noah. Once you get to his sweet side you will be a goner. 

These two are going to steam up your kindle with some serious hotness, but it will be the songs and tender moments between these two that will have you in tears.

Well done Jenn Foor on another awesome book and the start to a new series.

Mitchell Family Series

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About the Author
Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing stories that come from her heart.

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