Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HAPPY RELEASE DAY: A Beautiful Prison by Jenika Snow *4 Star Review*

A Beautiful Prison 
 Coming March 25, 2014!  

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WARNING: This is a Dark Erotic story. This is not a traditional love story. This book is fiction and contains material readers may find offensive. There is very disturbing content, graphic sex, violence, and strong language, but does end with a HEA. 


She was his. Irrevocably. Undeniably.

Ruby Jacobson was going to have a new life, but it seemed fate gave her a twisted version of it. She is taken from her bed and sold like an object. Death is a far better outcome then what fate has in store for her. Or so she thought.

Gavin Darris has always desired the darker pleasures in life. Not one to have to purchase his playthings, he needs a female that will bend to his will, and derive pleasure from it too. He sees Ruby, one of the many females for sale, and he wants her like he has never wanted anything else before. She has a fire in her eyes, and a determination not to yield. She'll be a fighter, and exactly what he is looking for.

He is ruthless in what he wants, and what he wants is her.

The dark desires Ruby has felt inside of her are about to be tempted in the most horrifying of ways. She should hate Gavin, and fear everything he represents, but she also can't deny that her body aches for his touch.

Ruby is faced with the ultimate decision: escape to gain her freedom, or stay with Gavin, the monster whose delicious punishment makes her yearn for more. Both are frightening.

NOTE: This is a 44,600 word count standalone story with no cliffhange

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A Beautiful Prison is an intense dark erotic romance.  What looks like your typical young woman starting out on her own and escaping a horrible mother and home life turns into a dark tell of kidnapping, secrets and lust. 

Gavin has done the unthinkable when it comes to illegal transactions.  He has purchased Ruby from a human trafficking ring to be his sex slave.  Ruby has been thrust into a world against her will.  She tries desperately to fight back against her captures to only be met with a hard hand to the face and drugged to near unconsciousness.  She has no way to stop the unthinkable from happening and soon finds herself in the hands of her new owner Gavin.    

I really enjoyed how this story unfolded and revealed the inner thoughts of each character.   At first I couldn’t in good conscience like Gavin, but then he gave me a new insight as to what he was doing and how he felt about Ruby.  Ruby is a natural fighter.  However she has many hidden deep desires that she has not come to terms with.  She is very confused when Gavin brings these to the surface and gives Ruby the strength to let go and embrace her true self and her dark needs. What comes next is what makes her new prison beautiful.

Author Jenika Snow can always make me fall in love with the wonderful characters she creates.  Even when they are doing wrong you still can’t help but let them into your heart.  I would have to say that A Beautiful Prison is one of the darker books I have read of hers but since I am a huge fan of her Virgin Auctions series I knew I would love this one as well.  It was fabulously intense with that twist of kink I crave in a good erotic novella without becoming too harsh and gritty.    I look forward to seeing what comes next and if Jenika plans to make this into a series.