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BLOG TOUR - Trust by Sherri Hayes *5 Star Review & Guest Post*

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Brianna is lost for the fourth time in her life. Each time was unexpected, and each changed the course of her future. The first life-altering event occurred when her mother died, and she moved to Minnesota to live with her father.
The second was when she was kidnapped at the age of seventeen and forced to be a slave. She would never forget those ten months. Brianna thought her life was over.
Everything changed again the day Stephan steamrolled into her life and brought her home to live with him. She had no idea what to expect—what life with her new Master would hold. That first month with Stephan was, in some ways, more confusing than the prior ten. As a slave, she’d known her place. With Stephan everything was new and different. He’d given her freedom and so much more.
Five months after Stephan rescued her, Brianna once again finds her life flipped upside down.
In this fourth, and final, installment of Finding Anna, Brianna must unearth strength she never knew she possessed. Stephan can no longer protect her from the outside world. She must learn to trust herself, embrace who she is, and discover who she wants to be. Only by facing her demons can Brianna find true happiness and peace.


"I received a complimentary copy of Trust in exchange for an honest review."

I didn’t want to say good bye or let go of one of the best series I have ever read.  I have been with this series since Slave first released.  It became an addiction.  Each cliffhanger left me gutted and wanting more of Stephan’s and Anna’s story.  I held onto this ARC for 2 week before sitting down grabbing my box of tissues and saying my goodbyes.  I am so sad that this series has come to an end, but overjoyed that these two very deserving characters Stephan and Brianna (Anna) will get their HEA. 

Author Sherri Hayes has never disappointed me with her writing.  Her writing has a very real, life like quality about it that makes it easy to play out in your mind while you’re reading.  Each breath of the characters can be heard or maybe it was just mine as a gasped and turned the page.  Ms. Hayes can express tears, anger and passion with one written word.  She leaves you with a feeling of emptiness when her characters like Stephan and Anna are troubled or alone and immense joy when their worlds finally come together as a whole. And lastly, complete peace when Ian receives his punishment. 

Trust provided me with a much more in depth look into Stephan's and Anna's relationship and their NEED for each other. Not just physically but emotionally.  One cannot exist without the other to complete them.   Both live to protect the other and will give anything of themselves to achieve that.  

This series may have started with a girl stolen from her home and sold as a slave.  Broken and tortured in unimaginable ways.  Her spirit taken from her and understanding of the world around her distorted. But, the beauty of this series is watching Anna grow, heal and find love in the arms of her savor and protector, Stephan. 

So if you long for a story that will break your heart, take your breath away, leave you gripping your seat and yearning for the next page, chapter and book.  The Finding Anna series is it.  You may cry, scream and want to strangle a few characters, but you will also find a healing in yourself as you read those final words, THE END.. 


with author Sherrie Hayes

Writing Trust was very emotional for me. These characters have been part of my life for about seven years now. Wrapping up their story was kind of like saying goodbye to old friends.

I had trouble coming up with a title for the book. My beta and I went back and forth with titles, but I couldn't seem to find one that fit. We ended up bringing my editor into the mix, but even then nothing screamed out to me. Finally, I decided to put it out to my readers. I received over one hundred submissions to the title contest I ran on my blog. In the end, Trust was chosen, and I think it’s a great fit for the book. In this final installment, Brianna really has to learn how to trust not only other people, but also herself.

The cover also gave me issues. After going through about twenty different stock photos, I kept going back to one of the first that had struck my fancy. Giving the final go ahead to my graphics team was a lot harder than it usually is. My beta and editor agreed it was more than likely due to my not wanting to let go.

With that said, yes, I’m happy it’s done. After everything Brianna and Stephan went through, they deserved to have their story told.

So will Ms. Hayes give us that novella we are all hoping for????
At this point, I don’t have any other stories centered around Stephan and Brianna planned, however, I won’t rule out something in the future.

Yeah!!!!  I have hope :)  Thank you Sherry for giving us these wonderful characters and telling their amazing story. 

 About the Author
Sherri spent most of her childhood detesting English class. It was one of her least favorite subjects because she never seemed to fit into the standard mold. She wasn't good at spelling or following grammar rules, and outlines made her head spin. For that reason, Sherri never imagined becoming an author.
At the age of thirty, all that changed. After getting frustrated with the direction a television show was taking two of its characters, Sherri decided to try her hand at writing an alternate ending and give the characters their happily ever after. By the time the story finished, it was one of the top ten read stories on the site, and her readers were encouraging her to write more.
Seven years later, Sherri is the author of seven full-length novels and one short story. Writing has become a creative outlet that allows her to explore a wide range of emotions, while having fun taking her characters through all the twists and turns she can create.
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