Friday, May 2, 2014

Sara's Unyielding Lover by Joslyn Black

This book is an erotic romance meant for readers 18 and up NC-17 

Sara was an innocent virgin who married what she thought was the love of her life. Now 10 years and 1 failed marriage later. Sara is starting fresh. Everything is new her home, car, job even the state she lives in. But having only been with one man in her life is Sara ready for a new lover? Eric seems to think so even if she doesn't. This bad boy may have quit the streets and turned his life around that doesn't mean he's no longer hard or dominant. He's going to show Sara that he is the man for her whether she's ready or not.

 “Uhmm when I texted you my apartment number I wasn’t expecting you tonight. I thought it was for our date tomorrow and it’s getting late, so can you just come back tomorrow?”

Putting his massive hand that wasn’t holding the six-pack of beer on her door he gently gave it a small push. Just enough to get her to back up so he could start stepping inside before she shut the door in his face, as he was doing this he spoke. 

“Oh I know I just thought as I was driving home that maybe it was better if we get to know each other a little more tonight; to make our date tomorrow less awkward.”

 It was a lame excuse but it was all he could think of on the spot. She couldn't believe that he had just pushed his way into her apartment. He was now closing the door behind him and turning the locks. He turned around and walked right up to her as he was speaking, standing closer than what was socially acceptable. In fact he was so close she was breathing in his warm breath as he exhaled and she inhaled. Holding up the six-pack of beer in his left hand, he looked down at her face and grinned. 

“Dos XX, what better way is there to get to know someone than sit, relax and talk with a cold beer?”

Sara was standing there gaping at him, she didn’t know what to do or say, what was the social norm in this situation?  And as she looked at his dazzling smile and his oh so cute dimples she found her body and her mind were at war. Her body was immediately responding to him, he hadn't even touched her but the look he was giving her was making her body slowly heat and she was starting to feel a low pull in her tummy. And to her utter astonishment she felt herself growing damp, just from the heat coming off his standing too close body, his radiant smile and his I’m gonna eat you up gleam in his eyes. Her mind however was screaming at her “DANGER, DANGER! You need to make this man leave now! You’re not prepared for this; you've only dated one man for pity’s sake.”

Eric saw the war going on inside her head, there were so many emotions flittering around on her face shock, desire, lust, confusion, apprehensiveness. She still hadn’t said anything to him. He knew he shouldn’t but his body was taking over and he couldn’t stop it. He stroked her cheek once, twice then he curled his fingers around her chin tilted her face up more, leaned his head down and placed a soft chaste kiss on her lips. When his lips touched hers he felt what he could only describe as a jolt go through his body. Her lips were soft, perfect and he felt himself instantly grow hard beneath his Levis. He needed to step back slow down or he knew he would be pushing her to hard and too fast.

“I needed that, now let’s go have a beer.”

As he grasped her hand she meekly nodded her head and he began to pull her further into her apartment in search of the kitchen to keep the beer cold. Sara was having an out of body experience. She heard him speak, felt him take hold of her chin and she saw his head start to dip down to kiss her. But she was frozen in her spot she couldn’t move, she didn’t want to move and then their lips touched and she felt a sharp electrical current run straight from her lips to the tips of her breasts to the apex of her thighs.

I love romance books of all shapes, sizes and genres, so much that I was inspired to write. I've always loved to write, little poems here and there. Maybe a short story or two but I was always to scared to show my writing; critics can be tough. Well I finally put my big girl panties on and self published. I think there is nothing harder in the world than to create something and put it out for others to build up or tear down. My writing is based off what I like. I would never publish a book I wouldn't read or enjoy myself. I am a very quirky unique person, there is not enough room for me to get into all my personalities. Yes I said ties not ty, I have lived in six different states and too many cities, towns and villages to name. Partially because my mom never liked to settle and because my soon to be ex-husband was a Marine. He was deployed twice, Iraq in 2003 when it all went down and Afghanistan a year later. I don't think I slept the whole time he was gone. I have four wonderful spoiled brats. My oldest nearly 15 and my youngest just 5. I am of a mixed heritage, My mother was born and raised in Mexico and my father is second generation born in the US from Sicily. My extended family is a little more than 120 people; at least that was how many was at the reunion a few years ago. So yes being Italian/Mexican and coming from a big family where you have to talk over everyone else to be heard; I have an extremely loud mouth and love big families. I am religious but tend to stay clear of that topic, religion and politics are two subjects where people are too easily offended.