Wednesday, May 21, 2014

REVIEW: Stealing Time by S.L. Siwik

Delaney Beaumont is more likely to flip you the bird than she is to say hello. A workaholic during the week as a free-lance graphic designer, by weekend she's a partying alcoholic. Laney's MO is always the same: party and drink until she blacks out. Every weekend she wakes up in bed with a strange man and no memory of how she wound up there. But, she doesn't care. Because when she leaves his apartment, she'll never see him again. It's the way she's gone about it for years and it suits her needs just fine.

That is...until the day she wakes up in Jackson Turner's bed.

Jackson Turner is a tattoo artist and owner of four shops in the Colorado area. He wanted Delaney from the moment he set eyes on her. Their night together is nothing short of crazy, and Jackson knows that he has to have Laney in his life for good. Convincing her, while dealing with the consequences of their night together, will be easier said than done.

If you love someone set them free. Then get ready with a bottle of Jack.

*JMAC'S Review*

I truly loved everything about Stealing Time.  I couldn't put the book down once I started. 

I loved both main characters from the start.  By the end, I was routing for a happily ever after for Laney and Jackson. 

Laney was a lost soul.  When she was 18 years old, a tragic accident leaves her broken and alone. Laney winds up putting everything she has into her work.  But once that work week is over she becomes a heavy drinker.  Hoping to blackout, and find some one to entertain her for the night.  No strings attached.  That's her number one rule.  She lost her heart, with the ability to feel for someone else, a long time ago. 

That is until Jackson...

The sexy, tattooed, persistent, god like, alpha male, Jackson. 

After one night of amazing, hot lovin they both fall hard for each other.  The only problem is, Laney wakes up the next day, and due to blacking out, has no recollection of anything that took place between the two of them. 

Jackson is determined to get Laney to remember, to feel again. 

Stealing Time was an amazing story of love; losing it, overcoming the hurt, and learning to love again.  It was a beautiful read.  S.L. Siwik did an amazing job on capturing the realness love has to offer.  The hardships some people have to go through behind closed doors. 

It goes without saying, I loved every second of this book.  I give it a well deserved 5 bold stars.  S.L. Siwik you gained a forever fan in me.  I can't wait for more of your work!


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