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BLOG TOUR: Falling Into You by L.T. Kelly *GIVEAWAY*

Title: Falling Into You

Author: L.T. Kelly

Release date: May 15th, 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Marc Romano disappeared without a trace into the darkness. His lover became overwhelmed with grief in her loss. But her grief takes on a much more murderous form than most, for Teagan Lewis is a vampire.
Now her heartache is driving her further from the woman she once was, and she realises she must snap out of her monstrous habits and discover the way back to her old self. But how?
Ending their trip around Europe, Teagan and her friend Alex head back to New York. Teagan has the full intention of carrying out a dangerous plan here; not just physically dangerous, but emotionally as well.
How will she be able to resist the irresistible? And what of the new rival, Ivan Lenin? He threatens her life and the lives of everyone she loves. The only people who can help her are her sworn enemy and an ancient stranger. Will they assist her?
How will Teagan Lewis face the demons of her past and try to find happiness? Will she stay and fight or will she run from the things she must face in order to finally be at peace? Mistakes will be made. People will die.
The time has come…

Excerpt - Chapter Nine - Falling into You

I felt the hot breath on my neck and smelled the sweet scent of lilies flooding my nostrils and pouring down my throat into the pits of my deepest desires, stirring them up all over again. Geo clearly wasn't with his friends.
"I know what you are," his sexy voice flooded my ear.
I was struck dumb with a lethal cocktail of fear, lust, desire, and surprise.
"Why did you run?" His breath was so hot that it felt as though my ear might burst into flames.
"You may know what I am, but you don't know who I am," I managed to muster the words, croaking from my swollen throat. I failed to find the reason why I was so scared. I knew Geo was unable to change into his wolf form because it wasn't a full moon. If he'd been able to change, then I'd have possessed a valid reason for my fear. Marc was the first-born, a few minutes ahead of Geo and, therefore, had the power to change at any time he wished.
Perhaps I wasn't actually scared of Geo. Maybe I was frightened of the way my stomach was swirling with anticipation. The way my nipples tightened beneath my dress. The way the dampness in my panties was telling me how badly I wanted him. Just being close to him did that. I clenched my fists in an attempt to stop my hands from shaking. Still standing behind me, Geo ran his hands down my arms and encircled my left wrist.
"I think it's time we left and carried on this conversation somewhere a little more private. Don't you agree, Teagan? If that really is your name."
He swung me round to face him, using my tightly gripped wrist as leverage. His eyes were narrowed.
"Yes…yes, that is my name.” My voice sounded small. His smouldering golden brown gaze made my throat swell.
Without another word or a good-bye to his colleagues, he forcibly led me to the exit. Of course, I'd be able to escape him, but I didn't see the point of causing a scene on the street, especially when it was my intention to see him anyway.
"You obviously want to come with me then?" he asked as he scanned for a cab. "I know you could get away if you wanted to," he concluded as I caught sight of a grin.
"I was coming to see you anyway," I said, my voice conveying a calmness that had washed over me. In a way, the chance meeting had been for the best. I had imagined his reaction to me showing up unannounced wouldn't have been of the welcoming kind. He knew what I was. I had lots of questions pummelling my brain as to how that had come about, but they could wait until we were in the confines of his apartment.
I looked up and, from the confusion etched on his features, I gauged that he felt the same. His fingers released my wrist and grabbed my hand. Guess he wasn't keen on taking chances.
He flagged down a cab and we slipped inside. I tried to hold my breath so his scent didn't pour into my nostrils and drive me into a state of delirium. Keeping my eyes on the headrest of the seat in front, I tried to fight the feeling of wanting to rip my own clothes off. I could feel the burn of his gaze travelling over my body. He wants me. He wants to touch me. He wants my body. Fuck! I want his, too. Stop this. He's his brother, his twin brother. Are you some sort of sick freak? Once is an accident, twice is a habit. My lips were pursed as the thoughts hit me one after the other on an annoying repeat setting.
I sighed as we pulled up outside his building. The journey and the act of getting to his door were filled with the same tension as last time, only not as desirable. This was a mistake. Why did I go with him? Why had I planned to approach him again in the first place? The throbbing of my clit caused confusion in my head. The only thing I could focus on was having his beautiful body rubbing against mine.
He dropped his keys on the table as we walked in. A distinct difference from our last entrance, he flicked the lights on. The last time, he’d been far too busy touching me for that. I gulped at the thought, trying to blink the image away.
"Drink?" he asked, cocking his head to one side and studying my face with his sweeping gaze.
"Please. Wine, if you have it.” It was clear that I needed more liquid courage than that poor drunk girl’s blood could possibly offer.
Wordlessly, he moved to the kitchen to get it. I could have shot out the door, and even momentarily thought about doing it before pulling myself together. He swaggered back in the room and offered the glass before taking a seat incredibly close to me.
"Why did you run?" he demanded.
I winced. "What happened between us was never meant to happen. Well…not now, anyway. I mean, I had every intention of it at the beginning. It's why I came here in the first place. But then things changed…” My words came babbling out with only a slight amount of coherence.
Geo held his palm up to silence me, twisting his body around and placing his bent leg between us on the sofa. It rested against my thigh, it's warmth like a metal rod that had been heated up for the purpose of branding. The guy was just hot. Fuck.
I squirmed as he rubbed his long, thick fingers over his sexily stubbled chin, obviously thinking through what I'd said and trying to make sense of it.
"So you didn't want to have sex with me?"
I blew out a long shaky breath. Out of everything I said, that's what he picked up on? Not the fact that something was clearly amiss?
"I thought the other night was the hottest night I've ever had. You're an incredible woman. I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you. I had a feeling you weren't human, just couldn't have been --.”  
I stopped him in his tracks. "Geo, I shouldn't have had sex with you because I'm your brother's girlfriend." My eyes gazed into his. "At least I think I am. Well, I was, anyhow."
His breath quickened as his eyes widened, then quickly narrowed. "So why are you here then?" He didn't move a muscle. I sort of expected him to shuffle away from me.
"Because I think he's dead. I wanted you to contact your family for me. I believe he may have gotten involved in something that he shouldn't have."
"If you know anything about me, you'd know I don't have anything to do with my family.” He looked away from me as he spoke, a muscle ticking in his solid jaw, the same way that it did in Marc's. Seeing it sent a shockwave of lustful electricity through me, which peaked as it hit my groin.
"I do know that," I said quietly, considering how to continue. "Look, Geo. Don't you think it's time to stop this separation from your family?"
"Hang on a minute.” His face lit up as if he had an  “eureka” moment. "Why can't you contact them?"
            My head dropped down to inspect my hands in my lap. "Because they hate me."
A slow sexy laugh vibrated from his throat. He leaned over and cupped my chin, pulling my face upwards until our eyes met. "Teagan, you just made me want you more than I wanted you to begin with.”
(c) L.T. KELLY 2014


L.T. Kelly lives in Lincolnshire with her husband, two children, and an insane Cockapoo puppy named Mylo.
She is a lover of all things vampire, and is also a hopeless romantic.
L.T. Kelly had a successful twelve-year military career in the Royal Air Force. She now divides her time between being an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the ambulance service, being a mother and awife, as well as writing. It’s the writing that keeps her sane…

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