Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Dark Secret by Michelle Escamilla *4 Star Review*

Emma Blackwood was the epitome of ordinary. Lived in a small town, was good in school and loved to hang out with her friends. Wanting to escape the small town life, she headed to college in a big town. The only thing, as soon as college life was over, it was back to the same old thing. Normal. 

After a drunken evening out with her best friend, Kyle, Emma meets a mysterious man. One small touch of his hand made her feel things that she’s never experienced before. That moment changed everything for Emma. ‘Normal’ was never going to be a word to describe her ever again. 

Micah Oliver didn’t grow up in a normal world. His mother, a witch, had passed on her powers to him. He had a gift, one that could sense when others, like him, were near. Finding Emma was supposed to be a blessing for him, someone that would understand his way of life. Or was it? 
Emma doesn’t know her past, or her future and Micah has the answers, but there is one problem.
He has a Dark Secret….




Dark Secret is the start to what is sure to be a wonderful series. I really enjoyed the way author Michelle Escamilla developed this story and its characters. The story was fast paced and never lacking. The plot continues to build upon itself leaving you searching for more about the characters and the mystery behind the Dark. Mystery, hot romance and the discovery of an unknown past awaits you in this paranormal romance. 

Let’s get down to it:
Emma Blackwood, is a feisty heroine that kicks butt and tells it how it is. I love a heroine that isn’t afraid to fight back and speaks her mind. But, be prepared because this chick has no filter. Then there is Kyle, Emma’s best friend. Not only is he a guy but a hot sexy guy. The snarky banter between these two shows what true friendship is all about. Telling it how it is and learning when to say “I’m sorry”. At first I thought these two would be heading towards a romantic relationship but I am so happy it didn’t work out that way. These two are awesome together as friends.

Micah Oliver aka “Mr. Tall Dark and Mysterious” is a mystery all on his own. I had a feeling when Micah showed up to sweep Emma off her feet with his charm and insatiable need for her that it was too good to be true. He proves me right later but I had no idea just how deep he was involved. This is the twist in the story you don’t want to miss. It’s damn good. 

I was so caught up in the discovery of Emma’s powers and her unknown past that I was completely taken off guard by the twist author Michelle Escamilla threw into the mix. And then she did the unthinkable. She cliffhangerd me!!! (I made that word up) Thank goodness I LOVE a good cliffhanger and can’t wait to discover more about Emma’s past, future and how she plans to use her new found powers. But most of all how Micah is going to explain his actions and involvement with her unknown father. 

Michelle Escamilla