Saturday, January 4, 2014

5 STAR Review: MissRebel Nights by R.L. Rushing

Title: MissRebel Nights
Author: R.L. Rushing
Published: December 1, 2013 by Self -Published

Rebekah Taylor, known by her friends as Rebel, has been plagued by vivid apocalyptic nightmares her whole life. It wasn't until the ultimate betrayal of a family member that she realized the visions held much more importance than she could ever have imagined. Kittens and rainbows have no place amid the gritty, chaotic premonitions, nor the abusive situation from which she now flees. 

Finding herself on the run from not only a madman she knows, but also an elusive psychopath who intends to use her abilities to fulfill his potentially world decimating objective, she leans on the supportive shoulder of a childhood friend and one true love, Dalton Fletcher. Quite dramatically, they discover that she is not alone in the world of extraordinary talents. Others exist who also play an integral role in the maniacal grand scheme. Along with the help of others who share her curse, she and Dalton set out on a path for answers to the never ending list of questions with which they've all been plagued. It will take them working as a team to escape certain extinction of a large majority of the human population as well as the possibility of being ruled by a murderous, self appointed dictator. What does the world look like on the opposite side of the devil's reign? Does anyone actually survive?

Born and raised in Northeast Louisiana, I grew up on well water, dirt roads, deer meat and garden grown vegetables. Although it would be interesting to say I spend my time exploring exotic destinations and drinking wine from barrels in Tuscany, that is not the case. I live in the real world. Currently, my days are spent working in the ever exciting world of bookkeeping. Night time for me does not mean breaking into the Smithsonian to steal the hottest work of art to sell on the black market. In fact, the only work of art I’ll see will be created by one of my awesome kids while they’re doing anything possible to keep from getting in bed on time. As with every other small town girl, I have dreamed of breathtaking adventures and schmoozing with the elite. I actually managed to make it about two thousand miles and a few months before realizing that the big city lights are better left to big city girls and my wild imagination. No adventure is as fulfilling as being wrapped in the strong arms of my love while surrounded by the laughter and arguing of our not so little ones. 

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"I received a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review"

Wow!! This was an exceptional read for a debut novel.

When I started reading MissRebel Nights I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, but how wrong I was.  This book was wonderful!!! Author R.L. Rushing has a brilliant mind that creatively weaves a dark tale of possible world destruction with a love that is soul deep.  

Rebekah Taylor “Rebel” is one kick ass in your face true gritty character. I LOVED HER!!  There is nothing like a strong heroine in a book that really kicks butt.  She is loyal to her friends and true to herself. She loves with the purest of heart and will give all that she has to save the life of one or many. 

Dalton Fletcher I was not expecting.  His character took me off guard and I wasn’t sure of how I felt about him until I knew he truly loved Rebel with everything he had.  After that he had me at “Without you, this life means nothing.  Can’t you see that? Can’t you see what I’ve become without you? Without my one true love to guide me? Can’t you see?”

After these character rekindle a friendship and a love that will most certainly last a lifetime the story only continues to grow.  The plot in this book (which I am not telling you because this you will have to read to believe) will absolutely blow you away.  This is better than any SCI-Fi movie.  I couldn’t believe the plot to kidnap Rebel and other young men and women.  What “the devil his self” has planned for them will just stun you.  You will NOT be able to put this book down.  Every page is another turn and twist on their journey to finding the truth, and it’s the truth that will have you begging for BOOK 2.