Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stealing a Pirates Heart by Jessica Anderson

Stealing a Pirate's Heart

By: Jessica Anderson 
Categories: Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Historical
Word Count: 39,324
Published By: JK Publishing

Chrissie lived a horrible life locked in the confines of her father's walls. The day her mother fell ill she expected it to be the worst day of her life, but was it? She took her mother's job cleaning a man's house since he was rarely home to do it himself. 

Ayden was at sea all the time, being the captain of a pirate ship he spent little time at home. He had a servant cleaning his house but she fell ill. He agreed to her daughter taking over her job thinking everything would be fine, but would it be once he saw her?

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Mother of two and Author of many and many more to come Jessica focuses on fantasy romance and tries to keep her readers happy. She started writing at a young age to help some of her family learn to read and now she has made a career out of it.

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