Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 Star Review: The Highest Bidder by Jenika Snow

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When Kristoff St. Michael's sees Veronica Dubois, he knows he will own her. Being the highest bidder at the Virgin Auctions wasn't difficult, especially when he had never wanted something as much as he wanted her. With a scarred past, Kristoff hopes he can start a new life with his young, virgin bride.

Veronica knows that she must give herself to Kristoff, but she doesn't know is if her new husband will be gentle or cruel. But Veronica isn't Krostoff's first wife, and she fears she will forever be the shadow of a dead woman.

As their relationship grows, and the once virtual strangers find out the most intimate details of their lives, they both realize a future together doesn't seem unattainable.

But their happiness is short-lived when Kristoff's past and jealousy threaten to tear them apart for good. 

~Stand-alone title featuring Kristoff and Veronica from THE FIRST TIME~

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

First off let me start by admitting my obsession for Kristoff St. Micheals. OMG that name just sends me into a quivering mess of shivers. If I was ever going to leave my husband for a book boyfriend Kristoff is the man I would do it for. 

When Jenika said she was going to write a follow up story to The First Time I damn near peed my pants with excited giggles. The first book I ever read by Jenika was the start of Kristoff’s and Veronica’s journey. What I had expected to read was a dark twisted romance but what I got was a beautiful romantic tale of love. *Sigh* When I finished reading The First Time book one in the Virgin Auction series I desperately needed more and Jenika delivered with The Highest Bidder.

Ok, yes Kristoff purchased Veronica at an auction but remember that is the norm in 2135. He didn’t purchase her as a slave but as a wife to love, cherish and grow old with. It will just melt your heart when you realize how much Kristoff loves Veronica. 

“She was his wife and someday he hoped she would love him
the way he knew he would grow to love her.”

The Highest Bidder was so much more then just a love story, it has mystery, suspense and the hottest most romantic love scene every. I melted on the floor when Kristoff said 

"I want to go slow with you, take my time and savor every moment."

Swoon!!! He’s perfect and has two gorgeous brothers. HOT DAMN!

So would I recommend The Highest Bidder?? HELL YES!! 
Would I read it again?? HELL YES!!
Should you read The First Time and The Highest Bidder?? HELL YES!!

I still need more Kristoff!! Please Jenika maybe you could squeeze him into a story for his brothers. :)

Jenika Snow is a nurse, wife, and mother. She has been a published writer since 2009.

Jenika is one of those girls that enjoys the rain and gloom, and has been called odd because of it. She is average in every way, enjoys eating the toppings off her pizza first, and always wears sock.
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