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Blog Tour Interview/Excerpt - EVERYTHING BARED (Six-Alarm Sexy, Book Two) by Kristine Cayne!

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Everything Bared is the story of Dani Harris, a firefighter on Jamie Caldwell's technical rescue team, and William Caldwell, Jamie's younger brother. Both Dani and William appear in the earlier books in the series, and the tension between this oil-and-water pair sizzles from the start.

Two polar opposites—she’s kinky, he’s uptight—discover they share a taboo desire that may destroy both their futures. 

Firefighter Dani Harris has always wanted a family, but doesn’t think it’s possible because of her demanding, high-stakes career. Her sex life is as high-adrenaline as her job, and that’s just one more thing that makes her unsuitable to be a wife and mother. Her secret kink—exhibitionism—has gotten in the way of more than one relationship. Will she ever find a man who not only shares her wild fantasies, but loves her for them?

Burdened with ensuring the success of the struggling family business, William Caldwell IV needs a wife suited for a CEO—one with money and connections, who can manage his busy social life and raise their 2.5 children. He’s got everything all mapped out, but when he meets Dani, a woman who’s nothing but every kind of wrong, she taps into desires he’s only half-recognized and long-suppressed. Suddenly his carefully crafted five-year plan feels as confining as a straightjacket.

As Dani and Will’s sexual experimentation escalates, they test the limits of polite society by baring all and risking exposure—an exposure that could cost them their reputations and careers.

He lowered his head, pausing when their lips were a mere breath away, and whispered, “For the record, I’m very happy you came to see me.”
Her lips parted as if she were going to respond, but he didn’t give her a chance. He melded their mouths together, his tongue sweeping against hers in an erotic dance that brought back all his pent-up desire in seconds. His cock hardened at the taste of her, the scent of her, the feel of her in his arms. Her moans flowed through him, fueling him. He needed to touch her, to have her skin against his. Now.
After a quick glance to make sure the door was closed, he dragged her around his desk and sat in his chair. Her eyes blazed as she straddled his lap. No words were spoken. No words were needed. His hunger for her had to be as evident as hers for him.
Wrapping his hands around her slim waist, he yanked her against his chest. His cock nestled at the apex of her thighs. She ground against him, increasing the pressure, driving them both mad. “I love seeing you in uniform,” he murmured against her lips. The dark blue of her house pants and shirt set off the creaminess of her skin, and her eyes stood out like two perfect Godiva chocolates.
“Wait until you see me in my bunker gear,” she teased, and he wanted to eat her all over again.
But Danielle seemed to have something different in mind. She squeezed her hands between their bodies and began to tug at his belt. “I love seeing you in these fancypants suits. Do you have any idea how hot you look? Those Armani models have nothing on you.”
She paused in her efforts to undress him and traced the erection that ruined the perfect line of his trousers. He groaned and laughed at the same time. “I’ve got a lot of suits.”
“Thank God.” Leaning in, she licked his chin and pressed her lips to his in a scorching kiss that threatened to make him explode on the spot. Finished with his belt, she popped the button and went to work on his zipper.
When her hand slipped inside his pants and snaked down to grip his cock, he let his head fall back. A groan tore through his clenched teeth. “Your hand feels so fucking good.”
Her chuckle had his eyes snapping open. “What?”
“You cursed again. It’s cute.”
This was the second time she’d laughed at him about swearing. Did she think he was a wimp? Not as tough as her firefighter coworkers? Perhaps it was time to teach her a lesson, give her a taste of the man beneath the veneer. “Cute, Ms. Harris?” he said, pinning her with a glare, his voice low and controlled. “Would you like to know what I plan to do to you?”
Her smile faded.
“I’m going spread you out on my desk and pound my cock into your sweet pussy. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll scream. So hard you’ll come until you’ve got absolutely nothing left.” With her legs wrapped around his waist, he pushed to his feet and shoved his papers aside as he lowered her to the polished surface of his desk. “Still think I’m cute?”
Eyes-wide, mouth slack, she shook her head. He fought the urge to grin.
Yanking the hem of her shirt up, he exposed her breasts, encased in a serviceable cotton bra. The peaked nipples poked through the slim white material, making his mouth water. “So beautiful.” He lowered his head, eager to suck one into his mouth when a noise at the door caught his attention.
Reality crashed back as he heard Larissa calling after Torval, who was no doubt beelining for the door.
Shit! “Quick, under the desk.” He helped Danielle up and pointed to the enclosed space at his feet.
“You can’t be serious.”
“I am.”

She rolled her eyes, then crawled under the desk. He dropped into his chair and scooted forward, careful to avoid kneeing her in the face. He was going to hell for this, and Danielle would be the one to point out the way.

Interview with Kristine Cayne:

Welcome Kristine Cayne I am so excited to have you here at Just One More Romance. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down for an interview with us. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
Hi, Shanean! I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity to chat with you and your readers. I love meeting new people who love romance books as much as I do! So, a little about me… I was born in MontrĂ©al, and the first language I spoke was French. Because my father was in the Canadian military, we lived abroad and in the rest of Canada. As a result, I ended up attending English school, which is why I’m so much more comfortable writing in English. I’ve been living in the US for the past fifteen years.

You have a new book that recently came out titled Everything Bared. Can you describe the book in 30 words or less? 
Firefighter Dani Harris is fiery, sexually adventurous, and takes no prisoners; William Caldwell IV is a tiger in the boardroom, but his tie is a little too tight outside it.

Is Everything Bared a standalone or a part of a series?
While Everything Bared can be read and enjoyed on its own, the reader will get much more out of the story if it is read as part of the Six-Alarm Sexy series, which also includes Aftershocks and Under His Command. Most of the characters appear in the other books and you learn a little bit more about them each time they are on the page. Eventually, all the Caldwell siblings will have a book. If the series is successful, I can branch off and write stories for the rest of the 24-member technical rescue team at Station 44!

Where did you draw inspiration for this story?
I have an abiding respect for firefighters. They are brave and selfless. When I first heard of the technical rescue team, I knew these were the people I wanted to write about. I contacted the Seattle Fire Department and was put in touch with several wonderful people who in turn answered or sought answers to all my questions. I’ve also done extensive research on rescue techniques and equipment.
In terms of the “kinky” side of this series, well, let’s just say that BDSM and kink in general is so vast that no one could possibly do it all. So, to complement what I know, I read books, I talk to people, I watch videos and movies, I use my imagination. After all, I’m writing fiction not true stories. 

In Everything Bared, who was your favorite and/or most difficult character to write?
I enjoyed both characters enormously. It’s always fun to write a strong independent female, and Dani is just that. On the other hand, William was fascinating. He developed and changed as I wrote the story. I learned new and surprising things about him, things I hadn’t planned.  
For example, in one of the first sex scenes William opened his mouth and out poured the dirtiest dirty talk I’d ever heard. It was in such contrast to his tightly controlled persona up to this point, that I had to stop and think things over. Did this make sense for him? Why was he saying these things? In the end, I decided that it suited him and the story perfectly. So I kept it. But boy was it a challenge reading these parts aloud to my critique partner. She had the good grace not to laugh at me. 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 
I was in elementary school. It was probably the first time I was asked to write a story and I didn’t know what to do. That evening at supper I mentioned it. My brother showed me a story he’d written where the main character was a pencil. I was hooked!

Who are some of your favorite authors or favorite books? 
I love Cherry Adair, Diana Gabaldon, Larissa Ione, Sherrylin Kenyon, JR Ward, Lorelie James, and Kallypso Masters to name but a few. Outside of romance, I’m a fan of Greg Iles and Khaled Hosseini.

What do you do while you write? Do you listen to music, watch TV, eat snacks, etc.? 
It depends on my mood and on the scene I’m writing. When I was writing the stalker scenes in Deadly Obsession, I had a playlist of “obsessive love” songs to get me in the stalker frame of mind. If I’m writing a fighting scene or something really tense, I’ll listen to hard rock. Likewise, if it’s a love scene, I’ll pick softer songs. As for eating, I tend to forget. When my hands start shaking and I can’t hold my pen, I know it’s time for lunch. 

Now some fun questions.  I love all things romantic.....

Most romantic destination? 

Favorite romantic dessert?
Chocolate fondue

Love or Lust? 
Love but lust comes first!

Who is your book boyfriend? 
Right now, my hero, William Caldwell sits at the top of the list.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us interview you.
You are very welcome! I had a great time.

Award-winning author Kristine Cayne is fascinated by the mysteries of human psychology—twisted secrets, deep-seated beliefs, out-of-control desires. Add in high-stakes scenarios and real-world villains, and you have a story worth writing, and reading.

Kristine’s heroes and heroines are pitted against each other by their radically opposing life experiences. By overcoming their differences and finding common ground, they triumph over their enemies and find true happiness in each other’s arms.

Today she lives in the Pacific Northwest, thriving on the mix of cultures, languages, religions and ideologies. When she’s not writing, she’s people-watching, imagining entire life stories, and inventing all sorts of danger for the unsuspecting heroes and heroines who cross her path.

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