Friday, October 16, 2015

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NOV 16 to NOV 20

A dream is an occurrence that happens in the brain while we’re asleep. A wish is the hope for something more.
So what happens when the two are morphed into a grander desire?
Success and fame is something Isabel “Izzy” Morgan and her sister, Addison, wish and search for, not knowing they’d soon find the key to that wishful dreaming broken down on the side of the road. An offer is made that neither one of them can refuse, and lands them the opportunity to travel with the infamous rock band, Knight Raiders. One thing Izzy didn’t count on is another wish to yearn for in the form of Trevelin Knight…They say when you have big dreams you’re supposed to fight to make them come true.
But what does it mean when those dreams change into something you never knew you wanted?
That is exactly what happened to Trevelin Knight. The hardcore rock star has everything he could desire; fame, fortune, undying success, and endless women at his disposal. Though there is one thing he discovered is missing from his life...Isabel Morgan. But can he achieve this one last dream?
In the end, do all our wishes and dreams come true?

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 WOMEN UNDER FIRE by Jacki Delecki

DEC 7 - DEC 11

Women Under Fire 
Book Two in The Grayce Walters Series
Life has heated up for Grayce Walters: thrust into the public eye and hounded by the media after solving an arson case with a critical clue from a French Poodle. When Ewan Davis, the sexy arson investigator Grayce has been steaming things up with, starts talking commitment, she definitely feels the burn.
Then a desperate mother begs Grayce to help find her missing daughter—an Afghanistan war veteran suffering from PTSD, and Grayce reluctantly takes on the case, following a disturbing clue provided by the missing young woman’s cat. Calling once again on the aid of her cross-dressing best friend and her shrewd assistant, Grayce uncovers a terrorist plot with chilling international implications.
Grayce races to rescue the young veteran before the escalating danger explodes. But if she manages to escape the threat, will she find the courage to commit to the fiery passion that awaits her wrapped in Davis’s arms?