Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4 Star Review The Lion and the Lamb by Jenika Snow

The Lion and the Lamb
  *#3 ARe bestseller
*#1 Rubenesque ARe bestseller 
*#1 Werewolves/Shifters ARe bestseller
*Top 5 Erotic Romance ARe bestseller 
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After suffering from an eating disorder as a teenager, Tatum Weatherton slowly starts to grow comfortable in her curvier body as an adult. With her self-confidence shot, Tatum never had a meaningful relationship, but that all changes when she starts working for Leo Castill.

Leo enjoys women, and he has plenty of willing ones that work for him at the gentlemen's club he owns, The Lion and the Lamb. Everything changes when one luscious female, his mate, enters his club looking for a job. Every possessive instinct roars within him to take her, mark her, and claim her as his own.

When another lion shifter takes an interest in Tatum, Leo's lion demands to be let free and destroy the threat to his mate. But when Tatum is taken, Leo will stop at nothing to get her back, even when that means having the blood of his enemy on his hands.

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"I received a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review."

Jenika really touched my heart with this story.  So many woman suffer from low self esteem due to a poor self image of themselves.  We all seem to be striving to be that perfect size.  

When Tatum's best friend suggest she apply for a position at The Lion and the Lamb (gentleman's club) in Las Vegas to make ends meat she finds herself not only getting the job, but an even better job then she hoped for.  
Leo a sexy lion shifter is stunned when his mate Tatum walks through the door of his club.  What's the chance??  But there is no way in hell he is going to allow her to show off that voluptuous curvy body to these vultures.  So he makes her an offer she can't refuse.  In other words he creates a position to keep her near and as covered as possible. 

Tatum may have hesitated at first but them sparks fly and she find herself quickly falling in love with Leo.  So when Leo's enemy makes a pass at Tatum knowing she is his mate all hell breaks lose.  His intent is not to just steal Tatum away from Leo but destroy all that he is and everything that he has. 
I loved the hot passion between these two characters.  This was so much more than just a book about a shifter it was a true romance with one very intense fight to the death for love.  

Jenika Snow is a nurse, wife, and mother. She has been a published writer since 2009.

Jenika is one of those girls that enjoys the rain and gloom, and has been called odd because of it. She is average in every way, enjoys eating the toppings off her pizza first, and always wears sock.
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