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4 1/2 Star Review: The Ballad by Ashley Pullo

Title: The Ballad
Author: Ashley Pullo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: July 2, 2013

noun \ˈba-ləd\
: a slow popular song that is typically about love
: a kind of poem or song that tells a story 

The Ballad is a Modern Romance designed to involve the reader in the authenticity of life, love and all things in between.

Chloe LeGrange is a singer/songwriter guided by her internal rhythm and raw emotions. Adam Ford is a sexy attorney, disciplined and emotionally guarded. Her impulsive behavior is counter-balanced by his calm composure, but a stable relationship can often divert one’s own path to self-discovery.

The Ballad is written in the unique narrative style of Chloe’s witty approach to life, with unpredictable crescendos and intimate verses. 

Does love follow a formula? 

Join Chloe and Adam on their journey through the picturesque streets of Brooklyn, so passionate and real that a simple love story becomes a romantic ballad.

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Q & A

When did you become an author? I have always been a storyteller, but I became an author when I hit “publish” on July 2, 2013.

What is your writing process like? I’ve written a couple of screenplays and tend to use the same technique for my novels. For me, it begins with the characters. I develop them to the point where I know their secrets, their psyche and what clothes are hanging in their closets. The characters need a place to live outside my head so I create a visual setting based on what I know. The last step is the dialogue, or script. Yes, my characters are given a script and and they almost always follow it. I never force a plot, I'd rather have a theme and a distinctive style.

Where do you draw inspiration? Mostly from music, sometimes from television characters. I also people-watch and combine people I know into a singular character. Oddly, I get a ton of ideas in my sleep or in the shower, maybe because these are the only places my children don’t bother me.

Do you have a favorite author? Andre Gide. He’s dead, so he won’t appreciate my shout-out. Gide’s subject matter is considered vile and risqué, but his style of writing is amazing! He perfected mise en abyme by giving the reader stories within a story, on top of a story and after a story. And that dude rocked the ellipse. As far as contemporary authors, I love John Green. His characters are impeccably developed and relevant to several generations. Check out Will Grayson, Will Grayson... genius!

What is the best compliment someone can give you? That I'm a genius. Joking. That I look like Charlize Theron. Honestly, the best compliment is being appreciated for my style of writing. That truly makes me proud.

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"I received a complementary copy of The Ballad in exchange for an honest review."

I was completely taken off guard by this unique ballad of life.  Author Ashley Pullo amazed me with her incredible written skill as she unfolded the story of Chole’s and Adam’s life.  The idea of telling the love story of how it came to be in reverse was masterful to say the least.  We always seem to read the story of how the characters meet and fall in love but these characters are already in love and we get to see how it progressed from the present to the past.   Each chapter is a pivotal moment in Chole’s life.  Some perfect and some not so much.  The Ballad is a beautiful tell of all those special life moments that make up are life’s story, our own Ballad of Life.

Author Ashley Pullo writes real characters that could easily be you or me.  Chole is vibrant, talented, and passionate about her life, so much that she has her own ballad to go with her life’s moments.  She is by no means perfect and faces things in life that are common to the everyday person.  It was so wonderful to see and read a moment in my life and have it jump off the page at me.  I had to stop and laugh at one point and say “my God she is writing my life”.  Chole is you, she is me and is every woman living her day to day life as a mom, wife, sister and friend.

Now let’s not forget are hunky hero, Adam Chole’s other half.  Adam is intense, serious, kind and completely head over heels in love with Chole.  He may have his own way of showing it, but the intensity in his eyes is all the emotion Chole needs for him to express his desire for her.  And boy does he express it. Whew, is it getting hot in here?

When I was done reading The Ballad I wanted to grab Ashley Pullo and just hug the stuffing out of her.  She got this story right!!!  It may not be my life word for word but I can so closely relate to it that it will forever hold a special place in my heart.
Chole’s Ballad is perfection at its best and I can’t wait to see what is in store for her and the many other characters in Intermission.

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