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BLOG TOUR - JUST HUMAN by Kerry Heavens Review/Giveaway

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Meet Liv and Danny...

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her, so she lets him go without a fight when his parents make him move back to America. She knows she will never love anyone like she loved him, but she has to move on.

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him, because she does nothing to get him to stay, so he goes quietly when his parents leave the UK. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her, but he has to move on.

Twelve years on, they have made a good job of pretending, they may have almost forgotten. But when they get in touch via Facebook, it seems that it is all still there. 

They quickly find that they are intensely compatible in ways they hadn’t even begun to explore before they were forced apart. 

Can they put aside their fears and give it a go? Or will deep rooted doubts and insecurities tear them apart?

My 5 Star Review

I received a copy of Just Human in exchange for an honest review.

Just Human brought back so many memories of my first love and how distance tore us apart.  Needless to say I was just a mess through the first half of the book.  You really do never forget your first love, even if it didn't end on a happy note you will forever hold that one person in your heart.

immediately connect with Liv, how could I not.  She is everything most young woman starting out hope to be and us old woman hope to have achieved.  An educated, successful business women out to take on the world or at least a small portion.  Independent, strong willed, and true to herself and friends.  Liv has been one of the best written heroines I have read in a long time.  It was so nice to see the girl stand up for herself and not let the ex-boyfriend walk all over her.  Okay lets just say it "Liv you kick ass".  

Danny, oh Danny how easy you made it for me to fall in love with you.  I have never had so many swoon-gasms in one book before.  Danny is everything I think most girls wish for in their significant other.  Smart, Sweet, sexy, HOT, AMAZING, DINO-MITE in bed and unbelievably romantic.  OMG!!! the romance just drips off this mans tongue. 

"You are always rooted here with me"

"There has been something missing in my life ever since that day and last week, for the first time in twelve years, something changed.  The missing piece came into view and I had to come see if I could put myself back together."

"I'm going to take you upstairs," he whispers, "lie down beside you and hold you while we both fall asleep."

"I have always loved you, Live."  "I have never stopped loving you... and I never will."

Danny gives the term "swoon-worthy" a whole new meaning.  He knows no ends when it comes to loving Liv.  Liv is hesitant and while she does love Danny she is afraid to lose him.  If for some reason it was not to work out between them, she knows it would destroy her. 

Kerry did a fabulous job putting this story together.  I love how she brings two characters together for a second chance at first love.  The story grows and flowed throughout leaving you wanting more.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting, knowing love could not be this perfect.  I waited and waited letting Kerry tease me with possible disaster to only be left with complete heartache when it did indeed happen.  

Kerry thank goodness you live across the pond because I seriously wanted to get in my car and find you.  How could you leave me with that ending.  I am crushed.  Now when does book 2 come out???  I need it like NOW!!!

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