Monday, February 23, 2015

REVIEW: One Shattered Sister by Delia Steele

It's the story of Marcy King (Clay's sister) In Marcy's book we will hear the sad story of her addiction that Clay struggled with and why he was determined to help Mando at any cost. Even if it meant losing her.


REVIEW by Shanean 

One Shattered Sister may be a quick read but it is one that will leave you shocked, broken, and shattered. Author Delia Steele never fears her characters and what they tell her to write. She has proven this yet again with the amazing telling of the most critical point in Marcy's life but also Clay's. Now we truly understand why and how Clay gets Mando from "High Class Harlot" so well. 

Marcy's death and how Clay handles it is what ultimately puts you in the correct mind set when looking at Clay and how he was abel to make his decisions when facing Mando's wrath. We all knew Clay had to be a little crazy when taking on Mando but now we know he was a white knight sent to save her. 

Many thanks to author Delia for keeping it real and telling it how it should be. Life isn't always pretty but sometime we have to roll with the bad stuff before we find our white knight. 

If you love a gritty romance with a lot of real life heart then pick up the Switching Tracks series "Trailer Park Princess" and "High Class Harlot".


My name is Delia Steele. I am 30 years old 
and reside in Tupelo, Mississippi. I have been here my whole life, minus the
year stint I took to be a beach bum in Destin, Florida. I am happily married to
the love of my life, and we have two wild and crazy kids. I do have a dog, but I
am not a fan of him AT ALL. That little wiener isn’t good for anything except
yapping. I am more of a ferret kind of girl.

I have a full-time job and a part-time job outside of writing. My words are more of a
hobby for me. I enjoy writing, and it calms the voices in my head. My highest
education comes from a Job-corp Facility and my major was NOT English. I was
more about learning to rebuild cars back then.

All of my books have meaning, and it usually revolves around accepting people for who they
are, not who you want them to be. I usually write about strong females, with a
supportive Adonis on the side! If I had to pick five words to describe me, they
would be in no order: honest, loud, eclectic, extreme, and obsessive. I believe
we should all live like we are dying, and if we do something stupid, we should
write about it!
Not sure, what else to tell you but if you
want to know something, just
ask =]